Innovation for a better living

Excellence and innovation

  • More than 40 years innovating in solutions for better kitchens.
  • Highest quality demands.
  • One of the largest industrial groups with worldwide presence.

Technology and Design

  • Products with best functionality and easy to operate.
  • Trend-setters across the world.

Energy efficiency

  • Introducing environmentally-friendly principles in both product development, and manufacturing processes.
  • Pioneering energy-saving solutions.

As easy as pushing a button.

Take advantage of scientific knowledge is in our hands everytime we play a simple button the microwave, oven or induction plates. No need to know the laws of physics or be an expert in engineering. Cooking can become something as easy as pressing the appropriate device and wait for the process to finish. This is the technology of NODOR. Because the pleasure of cooking isn't incompatible with the advances that technology offers us.

NODOR usually have a great investment to have the latest technology, our product range takes all the goodness of it without forgetting that, importantly, make the complex easy to make life easier.


NODOR products reach unexpected corners. Our openness in recent years towards external markets is an important part of our business projection. NODOR why we guide every day, to open up new markets to expand new horizons that is wherever you are, your kitchen is also NODOR.